Corpo Mitológico

DE 24/02/2015 - 21/03/2015 A



The Edições Tijuana label is releasing the new book by artist Lia Chaia, who used the sticker album as a system for articulating her research about the place of the spectator in relation to an artwork.

The sticker album is a very popular sort of publication. It is generally thematic and suggests an interactivity with the reader, since the rule is to obtain the stickers and use them to fill the empty spaces on the pages, each in its proper place. In the case of the work entitled Álbum [Album], the stickers that accompany the publication follow another rule. There are no exact spaces for them to fill; it is up to the reader to decide where to stick them. Álbum was moreover printed on transparent material, thereby multiplying the possibilities for placing the stickers, since the content on distant pages can be overlaid to form new formal and symbolic relationships.

In parallel with the release of the book, Lia is presenting the solo show Corpo Mitológico [Mythological Body] featuring a series of the same name, a work derived from the research for Álbum. The game of the placement of figures and composition is apparent here, since Chaia resorts to a repertoire of predefined figures to develop random and fortuitous constructions on sheets of frosted glass.

The exhibition also includes the series Transfusão [Transfusion], where Chaia uses PVC pipes and cords of different tones of red to refer not only to a circuit of human veins, but also to architecture as something both alive and propositive.