Cinthia Marcelle e Tiago Mata Machado

DE 15/04/2014 - 10/05/2014 A



At the exhibition, artist Cinthia Marcelle and filmmaker Tiago Mata Machado are presenting two videos made in partnership.
O Século [The Century], 2011, which has participated in various international exhibitions, including the last edition of the Istanbul Biennial, in 2013, suggests a metaphor about life in the large urban centers. The film begins with only the sounds of running people, until the first object is thrown into the camera’s view. The film develops to a crescendo in which objects of every sort are being thrown into the field of view. The street, the backdrop of the action, becomes a desolate painting of accumulated objects, dust and smoke, though bereft of human presence. The conflict that takes place behind the camera is evidenced only by way of scraps from the clash. Without offering solutions for what appears to be an endless loop of fighting, it suggests the need to imagine new political strategies to break the current impasse of democracy.
A more recent collaboration between Marcelle and Mata Machado, Rua de Mão Única [One Way Street], 2013, had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival in Holland. The film, according to the artist, works as a reverse shot for O Século. It reveals the physical conflict between the unseen protesters in O Século. Both the works, O Século and Rua de Mão Única, point to the constant conflict between politics and society.