Odires Mlászho - A Palidez Iluminada / Paulo D´Alessandro

DE 16/08/2002 - 14/09/2002 A



Paulo D’Alessandro presents photographs of ruins/construction sites of São Paulo, Rome, Pompey e Brasília, approaching a reflection on the construction of time and space, in the stories of these cities and also in photography history. Paulo D’Alessandro has participated in the first edition of Rumos Visuais Itaú, in 1999, same year of his solo show at Paço das Artes. He has also been part of “Fim do Milênio” in the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo in 2000, among others.

Odires Mlászho shows “A Palidez Iluminada” (The Illuminated Pallidness), an exhibition that contains two main series of photographic works, “Um Animal Farejando Teu Sono” ( An Animal Your Sleep ) and “Mortal Coil”. The first is a group of portraits, appropriated from books, of historical characters, covered with melted wax and herbs. The second series works in opposition to the first, more formal and geometric. Odires has had a solo show this year at Instituto Moreira Salles and in 1998 at Centro Cultural São Paulo. He has also been selected for the MASP/Pirelli Collection in 2001 and Brasil 500 Anos em 2000.