Keila Alaver - Body Furniture

DE 07/05/2013 - 08/06/2013 A



Corpo Mobília [Body Furniture] is Keila Alaver’s second solo show at Vermelho. As in the previous one, O Jardim da Pele de Pêssego [Peach Peel Garden, 2009], the starting point for creating the exhibition is daily life, from which the artist gets the raw material for making the dreamlike universe that pervades most of the work.

Corpo Mobília arose on the basis of research made by Alaver with anatomy books published in the 1920s through the 1950s, and features a mix of sculptures and video.

Cabeção [Big Head], Pulmão [Lung], Estômago [Stomach], and Coração [Heart] are the titles of the four sculptures that use oversized illustrations of parts of the human body. Printed on MDF sheets, the images refer to a distant era before the invention of high-definition cameras that currently scan the human body.

Like a tomography, the video Coração reveals the fibrous layers that constitute the human heart. On the walls of the entire exhibition space, Alaver installed a mural painting that presentes shapes of lung alveoli.

The solo show is capped off by a set of artist’s books, similar to the sculptures in the exhibition, but which beyond the organs mentioned above also include the dental arch, ear and throat. A limited edition of these books, published by Edições Tijuana, will be available for purchase on the day of the exhibition’s opening.