Daniel Senise - Quase aqui

DE 11/10/2011 - 12/11/2011 A



Quase Aqui features a set of paintings and collages, all created in 2011, which blend new findings with the logic of the artist’s already traditional architectural landscapes, in which he incorporates elements extracted from the tangible space that surrounds him.

This is what takes place in the new series of paintings Quase aqui [Almost Here], in which Senise appropriates the tops of workbenches used in his studio, using them as a support for the work. Over the marks and vestiges of years of work, Senise applies white oil paint, creating a homogeneous and uniform field that points to a moment of reflection about the procedures that characterize his work.

In three new collages, Senise combines organic elements with his architectural landscapes that distort the logical construction of the perspective. A similar but more radical procedure reappears in the set of nine paintings in which the artist breaks away from the architectural structure of internal spaces, creating a vanishing point for the secluded and uninhabited environments that he normally depicts in his works.

Capping off the exhibition is a new collage created with pages of the encyclopedia História Universal. In it, Senise constructs modular spaces based on the pages of the encyclopedia, removing their images and keeping only a part of the technical descriptions, in a process similar to the one he used in the Skira series, recently presented at the 29th Bienal de São Paulo, in 2010.