Cadu - Hino dos vencedores

DE 13/10/2009 - 14/11/2009 A




, Cadu Costa presents in hall 4 the installation Avalanche (2009) which is composed of musical boxes, lottery tickets and drawings on paper.

Mega Sena, the most famous lottery in Brazil, reached 1000 drawings in August 2009. According to the artist, winning the lottery seems to be the image that better sums, for the western society, the idea of luck. From that, the artist has developed a comment on this issue by combining lottery tickets and the music score’s gauge of the musical box that coincidently have the same size. Each lottery ticket is pierced with the six winning numbers, when they pass through the gears of the musical box they generate a musical sentence. Each hole corresponds to the exact position of a note. One lottery ticket contains three bets, so there are 18 numbers in each, or 18 notes. By attaching several tickets into one only paper stripe, the artist created a melody of 6000 numbers, what he named as O Hino dos Vencedores (The Winners’ Hymn). Besides O Hino dos Vencedores, Cadu is also presenting the installation Avalanche. The installation, composed of a large dimension music box, will be available for the viewers to create their own melodies.