Fabio Morais - Te Iludo

DE 02/03/2010 - 03/04/2010 A




Fabio Moraispresents in Te Iludo (I illude you) a series of new works approaching the illusory and fictional aspect of the work of art. When we face an illusion we know we are in front of a tromperie that deceives the senses, such as a trompe-l’oeil  - the painting that tricks the eye. Morais believes the illusion is connected to the realm of image (painting, drawing, cinema, photography, etc.) while fiction is connected to text (literature). Te Iludo (I illude you) presents works that dissolve the limits between illusion and fiction, that is, image and text.

In Do It, Magic (2009), a piece composed of a magic kit and a user’s manual similar to the book organized by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist Do It (1993). Here, the viewer is drawn to experiment not only the creative process of an artwork, which was the original proposition of Do It , but also he/she is invited to create illusion by manipulating the objects and magical tools in the kit.

Carta aberta ao Daniel Azulay(Open Letter to Daniel Azulay, 2009), Álbum de Figurinhas (Sticker Album, 2009) and Promessa Concreta (Concrete Promise, 2009) are three pieces derived from Morais own biography that create connections with fiction.

Fabio responded to a classical theme of fiction literature, approached by James Joyce in The Portrait of an Artist As A Young Man (1916), by locating in time the start of his own artistic production. In Carta aberta ao Daniel Azulay (Open Letter to Daniel Azulay), Morais presents drawings he copied, at the age of seven, from the Brazilian cartoonist Daniel Azulay’s works next to his recent production and placing them all in the same level, with no hierarchy.

Álbum de Figurinhas(Sticker Album) is an appropriation of an Alice in Wonderland complete sticker album of 1958. The book by Lewis Carrol perfectly converges illusion (the very theme of the story is a possible dream of Alice) and fiction (literature). In Álbum de Figurinhas (Sticker Album), Morais pasted an image of one of his preferred artworks upon each original sticker. For those who are seduced by art, the piece suggests a wonderland, bringing together the act of collecting stickers to the act of collecting art.

In Promessa Concreta (Concrete Promise), Morais comments on the deceptions that are part of the passage from childhood and adult life by overlapping a fictitious letter by President Lula to Morais on the book Sobre o PT (About PT, 1980) written by the Brazilian art critic Mario Pedrosa. The works Obra Desaparecida (Disappeared Work, 2009), É claro que eu queimei as nossas cartas (Of course I burnt our letters, 2010), Rosto (Face, 2009), e Uma linha (ou duas) (One line [or two], 2010) are also part of the Te Iludo (I illude you) show.