Hector Zamora - Cerâmica 6 ltda.

DE 24/08/2010 - 04/09/2010 A




Héctor´s work is part of a research that the artist has been doing with different types of ceramic from different parts of the world (the series potentialidades Brazil / Colombia, 2009 and Swisse Modul Tropicalitsei, Basel, Switzerland, 2010). In H20 the technique used for carving pieces is inspired on masons procedures used to adapt brick to different projects. With bricks, blocks, tiles, basic materials made of earth that shape slums, as well as, high standard properties, Zamora explores the analytical possibilities of sculpting and creating new forms of ceramic elements. Parallel to this, the artist also focuses on another line of research that is based on the use of finished ceramic elements, taking the geometric and the variations of each manufacturer, exploiting the flexibility and allowing configure playful compositions, that occurs in the series circunferência( Brazil, 2009) using tiles, and now in U with ceramic bricks.