Le Retour des Sans-Culotte

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Le Retour des San-Culottes

The film 'Le Retour des Sans-Culottes' (2013-2016) sets out to investigate popular movements that emerged from the political context of Brazil and the world around 2013. The film appropriates representations of the first urban guerrilla group in history, the sans-culotte, who had great political influence during the French Revolution and who succumbed at the hands of the very people they supported. 'Le Retour des Sans-Culottes' reflects on the re-signification and appropriation of movements, symbols and slogans, reproducing the process of de-structuring the narratives inherent in democracy itself.

With: Alexandre Correa Kissajikian, Eduardo Nince, Eduardo Correa Kissajikian, Felipe Galli, Guilherme Peters, Iason Pachos, Luisa Doria Kiddo, Matheus Wiggers, Pedro Catellani, Roberto Winter, Rodrigo Thenopholo, Ricardo Tuti // Camera operators: Eduardo Correa Kissajikian, Iason Pachos, Cae Oliveira, Alexandre Correa Kissajikian // Translation: Gabriela Felice Godói, Vinícius Girnys // Still photography: Cae Oliveira // Color correction: Bruno Shintate // Drawings: Guilherme Peters // Costumes: Veridiana Piovezan, Ana Olyveira, Eduardo Rodrigues // Cinematography: Eduardo Correa Kissajikian // Written, Edited and Directed by: Guilherme Peters – 2013-2016.

About the artista:

Guilherme Peters was born in São Paulo in 1987. He lives and works in São Paulo. Peters had his work exhibited at international institutions and exhibitions such as the Institute of Contemporary Art of Singapore (Singapore, 2019), Iberê Camargo Foundation (Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2018), Tomie Ohtake Institute (São Paulo, Brazil, 2018-2017), Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo [MAM SP] (São Paulo, Brazil, 2018), Do Disturb - Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France, 2018), XXXV International Festival of Uruguay - Cinemateca Uruguaya (Montevideo, Uruguay, 2017) Zacheta National Gallery (Warsaw, Poland, 2013), Wiesbaden Kunsthaus (Wisbaden, Germany, 2014), Oi Futuro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014), Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil, 2012), 17th International Festival of Contemporary Art Videobrasil (São Paulo, Brazil, 2011) and 8th Mercosur Biennial (Porto) Alegre, Brazil)

Peters received the Jury's Special Awards, the Edt Award for montage and invention and the ABD Award of best feature film for the film Proxy Reverso (shared with Roberto Winter), at the VII Semana dos Realizadores (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2015). His work is present in the Figueiredo Ferraz Collection (Ribeirão Preto, Brazil) and the Konex Collection (Buenos Aires, Agentina).

Guilherme Peters – Forget the crisis, go to work! (Rooms 1, 2, facade and Sala Antonio)
Guilherme Peters – Three Powers
Guilherme Peters – Le Retour des Sans-Culotte

OPENING: April 23. 8pm -11pm
PERIOD: April 23 to March 25 2019
Guilherme Peters – Retrato do presidente
April 23 – 9pm

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