The Runout

DE 22/01/2019 - 02/03/2019 A



Chiara Banfi _ The Runout
"Hearing music depends on the recognition of the in-between of the tones, of their placing and of their spacing."

From the text, Interaction of color, 1963, by Josef Albers


Displays of records in the now-nearly-extinct record stores featured walls with record covers and sometimes the records - both black and colored. I saw those displays as drawings, as forms, and thought less about the music, what was the sound that those records contained.

I organized groups of records with nothing recorded and arranged them according to the quality and information found on the sleeves that protected the vinyl and their grooves. This research became, a few years ago, a series entitled Discos vazios (The Empty Vinyls).

These works led me to remove all the other information that comes with the record, the cover art, the label information on the sleeves. I wanted the absence of sound, to draw an image of silence.

I organized covers and records as a study of shapes with a few color scores and called them the "Albers Collection", a reference to Josef Albers and his work that explores the chromatic interaction between overlapping squares.

I have arranged collections of absences with overlapping silences. These collections are made up of transparent records without sound, with a little color; and, some records with only the runout groove: a spiral groove that signals the end of the recording. It is not music, it is the memory of a sound no longer there.

Chiara Banfi, 2019