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CameraContato investigates issues related to the popularization of digital photography in detriment of analog photography and, at the same time, evidences a profound change in the understanding, the representation and the forms of communicating sexuality and gender issues.

In this exhibit, the artist duo, Maurício Dias and Walter Riedweg, presents works conceived and developed through an investigation of the archives, the professional activity and personal life of the North American photographer, artist and activist Charles Hovland (1954). The duo met Hovland in New York in the early 1990s.

Starting in the mid 1980s and for 20 years, Hovland published the same weekly ad in The Village Voice - an independent New York newpaper that was born to give voice to the city's creative community – announcing his services as a photographer to document people’s sexual fantasies.

During these years, Hovland photographed in his apartment, all sorts of representations of sexuality. The resulting archive with more than 3.000 black and white 35mm film rolls with respective contact sheets also includes over 450,000 chromes of male nudes that Hovland photographed for magazines like Mandate, Honcho and Inches.

As an activist, Hovland collaborates with movements and non-governmental organizations in the fight against AIDS / HIV including God's Love We Deliver and he was also instrumental in raising funds for ACT UP. Charles Hovland continues to exhibit his work in galleries and institutions.

Dias & Riedweg – CameraContato (Rooms 1, 2 and 3)

Dias & Riedweg –
Waiting for a model (2017 - 30’) - Sala Antonio

OPENING: April 10 from 8pm to 11pmh
PERIOD: April 10th to May 12th 2018

TALK: April 14th - 3pm
Charles Hovland, Luisa Duarte, Mauricio Dias & Walter Riedweg

WHERE: Vermelho
Rua Minas Gerais, 350 _ 01244-010 _ São Paulo, SP
tel.: +55 11 3138 1520