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The newest member of the cast of Vermelho, Tania Candiani has the first exhibition of her work in the gallery with Pausa, a video from 2012.

The artist is preparing her first solo show for Vermelho for May 2017.

Tania Candiani was born in Mexico City in 1974 and has in her curriculum passages through important exhibitions and institutions such as the 56th Venice Biennial as the representative of Mexico, the XI Biennial of Cuenca, in Ecuador, and the IV Monterrey Biennial in Mexico.


The métier of the scribe is as ancient as writing itself. In Mexico, although it is tending to disappear, the craft of the scribe who writes by request remains active today and presents to us, through this work, a reflection on interpretation.

In Pausa (Pause), we see a video that starts from the following idea: writers orally tell a story to the scribe that turns it into writing. The story passes through the writer´s mouth, through his voice, through the scribe's ear, through his deciphering (and ours), through his initial laying down of the text (a draft, which alludes to the transformation that occurs between the manuscript trace and the typewriter's keys), and finally his translation. The story returns transformed.


Directed by Tania Canidani

Scribe: José Edith González
Writers: Alberto Chimal, Juan Carlos Reyna, Guillermo Fadanelli, Óscar Benassini, David Miklos, Rodrigo Márquez Tizano, Daniel Garza Usabiaga, Mario Bellatín, Bernardo Fernández (Bef).

Camera: Erika Licea/Cine Vaquero
Sound: Gabriel Coll/Sonipro
Editing and post production: Paola Gallardo y Ollin Miranda
Duration: 03:26:16
Year of production: 2012
Mono Channel; stereo; 4:3.
Exhibition history:
Code, Sound, Signs; 2016
NCCA. National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

Code, Sound, Signs; 2016
Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, Russia

Paralele, Parallels; 2014
Kiblix 2014. Kibla Portal, Maribor, Slovenia

Prix Ars Electronica; 2013
CyberArts Exhibition.OÖ Kuturquartier. Linz, Austria.

Cinco variaciones de circunstancias fónicas y una pausa; 2012
Laboratorio de Arte Alameda. Mexico City.
Present in the collection of MUAC (Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo), Cidade do México, México.
Writers participation:
Alberto Chimal 23 minutes
Juan Carlos Reyna 21 minutes
Guillermo Fadanelli 22 minutes
Óscar Benassini 20 minutes
Rodrigo Márquez Tizano 28 minutes
Daniel Garza Usabiaga 25 minutes
Mario Bellatín 25 minutes
Bernando Fernández BEF 22 minutes


Pausa, by Tania Candiani (Sala Antonio)
DURATION: 206’16’’ (03:26:16) – Composto de 8 partes
LANGUAGE: Espanhol com legendas em português
SESSIONS: Mond, Tus, Wed, Fri: 11h e 15h30 / Thur: 11h / Sat: 11h e 14h30


OPENING: January 24 – 8 PM
PERIOD: January 24 to February 25 2017

WHERE: Vermelho
Rua Minas Gerais, 350 — 01244010 — São Paulo, SP
PHONE.: +55 11 3138 1520

MORE INFO: [email protected]