André Komatsu
José Augusto Ribeiro
Jacopo Crivelli Visconti


André Komatsu

My work consists of a research about the comprehension that involves the art field, as well as, its insertion on the daily life of the city. Maybe, the artistic work is only a way an instrument to emphasize new forms of perception.

As I walk through the city, repeating everyday the same streets and ways, the familiar sites awake different perceptions. On literature, this situation is described as “epiphany” (the moment when the perception really comprehends/understands everything that is usual, creating a new vision of it generating new possibilities of questioning what has already been seen). The search for this new reality can be orientated to any fragment, as well as, to a group of facts, that can be trivial, like walking, watching TV and so on. Nothing stands still, only in rhythmus and different velocities (reference to the atom movement). Everything moves constantly inside a cycle of transformation affected by time and uses until its complete consummation.

To transform: 1. to give a new form, aspect or character to; to change, to modify.
2. To convert 3. To change the state of something, position, condition, shape, etc.

To construct: 1. to create a structure; to erect 3. To conceive.

Construction: 1. Act, art of constructing

Perception: . Act, art or faculty of perceiving.

Perceive: 1 . To obtain knowledge of, through the senses. 2. To realize,
tomend, to note.