VERBO 2017
Performance Art Festival (13th edition)
Galeria Vermelho & Galpão VB
11 – 15 July, 2017

Galeria Vermelho is presenting, from July 11 through 15, 2017, the 13th edition of VERBO Performance Art Festival.

An annual show created by Vermelho in 2005, VERBO is holding its 13th edition with the presentation of actions by Brazilian and foreign artists selected on the basis of 220 projects received between the months of December 2016 and March 2017. The selection of the projects was made by Thereza Farkas, director of programming of Galpão VB, by Carolina Mendonça, a theater and choreography director, and by the artistic director of VERBO, Marcos Gallon. Mendonça and Gallon were also responsible for the choice of choreographer and dancer Clarissa Sacchelli for the first edition of the project Temporada de Dança Videobrasil [Videobrasil Dance Run] -

With an interdisciplinary format, the project seeks to encourage approximations between dance, performance and visual arts based on a period of immersion and research in Videobrasil’s archive of works. The result of the research carried out by Sacchelli over the last four months will be presented on July 6 and 8, at 8 p.m., and on July 15 at Galpão VB as part of the programming of VERBO 2017 (complete programming below).

Verbo 2017 will also include a show of videos, organized by Thereza Farkas, based on Videobrasil’s archives. Farkas selected five works that dialogue directly with the content of the projects submitted to VERBO 2017’s selection process, in which the curator took part. The selection will be presented in Galeria Vermelho’s Sala Antonio and includes videos by Alice Miceli, Rodrigo Cass, Luiz Roque, Akram Zaatari e Tiécoura N’Daou Mopti.

The actions that compose VERBO 2017 will be presented at Galeria Vermelho and also at Galpão VB. From July 11 through 14, Galeria Vermelho will be the location for the presentation of actions by Anthony Nestel [Coreography: Esther Arribas](Brussels – Amsterdam), Arnold Pasquier (Paris/France), Aurore Zachayus (Paris), Bruno Moreno (São Paulo), Carlos Monroy (Bogotá/Colombia – São Paulo), Célia Gondol (Paris), Cristian Duarte em Companhia (São Paulo), Dora Smék (São Paulo), Flavia Pinheiro (Recife/Brazil), Guilherme Peters (São Paulo), Grupo EmpreZa(Brasília, Goiânia, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil), Isabella Gonçalves (São Paulo), Janaina Wagner (São Paulo), Julha Franz (Porto Alegre/Brazil), Jorge Lopes (Américo Brasiliense/Brazil), Luanda Casella (São Paulo – Brussels/Belgium), Maurício Ianês (São Paulo), Mauro Giaconi (Buenos Aires/Argentina – Mexico City/Mexico), Old Masters (Geneva/Switzerland), Pontogor (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil), Renato Sircilli (São Paulo), Rodrigo Andreolli São Paulo), Rose Akras (São Paulo – Amsterdam), and Victor del Moral (Mexico City).

On July 15, closing day for VERBO 2017, Galpão VB will host the actions by Clarice Lima (São Paulo), Jorge Lopes (Américo Brasiliense/Brazil), Julia Viana & Luciano Favaro (São Paulo), and Clarissa Sacchelli (São Paulo). After the presentation by Sacchelli, there will also be a session open to the public, at which the artist will engage in a conversation with Isabelle Danto, curator from Centre Georges Pompidou moderated by Carolina Mendonça.

Verbo 2017 is receiving support from the Swiss foundation Pro Helvetia, the French Consulate in São Paulo, Institut Français, and the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs – the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development, Forum for Live Art – FLAM, Basis for Live Art – BLA, Mondriaan Fund,, Stella Artois and Stad Gent.