Arrasto, 2015
REPORT OF MARCELO MOSCHETA’S EXPEDITION HELD THROUGHOUT THE EXTENT OF THE TIETÊ RIVER BETWEEN MARCH AND AUGUST 2015 In fluid dynamics, it is the drag force that causes resistance to movement of a solid object through a fluid medium as a liquid. The resistance produced from the Tiete River friction with its banks took the artist Marcelo Moscheta to conduct an expedition down the length of the river from its source in Salesópolis to the mouth of the Paraná River. From March to August were collected rocks, clay, sand and various minerals on both sides, documented and classified, as well as the cataloging of the Tiete course through the elements that are found in its two edges. Flirting with archeology, geology and the Bandeirante Paulista cycle, the artist composes a warehouse of particular memories, accounts for a small museum of curiosities that share each, your side of the fluid bed.